Caringbah High School

A selective and coeducational high school, providing a quality, innovative and nurturing education.

Telephone02 9524 3859

Online learning

Online learning at Caringbah high school is supported by the following initiatives:

  • BYOD
  • Moodle - School online learning platform
  • Sentral Student and Parent portal

The school has a BYOD program from Year 7 to 12. Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to students bringing a computer technology device, owned by a student or the student's family, to school for the purpose of learning. Caringbah High School has chosen a BYOD model that will meet the needs of most families according to data from current research, student surveys, parent surveys, student focus groups and staff surveys.

Moodle provides students with learning support where lessons and assessments are available for access from home. Moodle provides a secure online classroom environment, enabling access to online learning tools and resources.

The student and parent portal provides access to school information from the school administration system, and also enables communication between students, parents and the school. The Sentral portal App for Parents is used on a mobile device. The Sentral Parent app has been designed for parents to be more informed of aspects of your child's education at our school. This app makes it easy to engage with your child’s education, and aims to improve interaction with the school.

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