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Open Day for Year 5 Students

A message from the Deputy Principal Mr Lucas

It is with sincere regret that Caringbah High School has had to cancel its traditional Open Day for Year 5 students. We are unable to permit any form of guided tour even with small groups due to the current restrictions.

Our Open Day has always been an opportunity for parents and students to attend the school and get a feel for what really happens at the school. With tour guides being Year 9 students that are brutally honest in relation to what happens at the school, guests are able to ask all those questions that concern them or just interest them. Typically they start with “Do you have …………. ?” and then an area that they are passionate about.

The school takes enormous pride in changing, adapting and catering to students with different passions and talents. If you want to start an interest group based on philosophy with a group of students, we will support its creation.

You will see from the information below, and available for download, the range is virtually endless. Please feel free to download and read at your leisure the activities that happen every day at our school.

Only this morning we have had seven Year 12 Engineering students win the International Space Settlement World final run by NASA. These students have been working remotely over four days, and teaming up with other competition members from the UK, India and USA, and were able to develop a winning space settlement design on Mars. This initiative came from the students, following their area of passion and interest. Little did they know when they began the journey that they would be WORLD CHAMPIONS!

As a school we have always embraced the opportunity to have guests visit our school to view the enormous range of extra and co-curricular activities, our beautiful physical surrounds and a learning culture that is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Unfortunately for 2020 this cannot occur and we will have to rely on words, pictures and videos as the medium to inspire you to sit the Selective Schools Entrance Test in 2021, and list Caringbah High School as your first choice for high school.

Whilst we would love to answer every individual question for potential new students and parents in Year 7 2022 or students hoping to gain entry in Years 8-12 in 2021, our typical Open Day caters for 500 guests so we don’t have a mechanism to answer all those specific questions.

Our school website and the downloads below provide a wealth of information and the videos available give you a feel for our students, teachers and community.

Applying for Selective High Schools

Caringbah High School Prospectus

Wellbeing at Caringbah High School

Sport at Caringbah High School

A letter to Year 5 from a Caringbah High School Year 7 student

Student Leadership at Caringbah High School

Extra Curricular Music Program

Extra Curricular Theatre Sports and Drama Program

Extra Curricular Dance Program

Extra Curricular Visual Arts Program

The process for entering a selective school is significantly different compared to every other high school and I suggest you read the information below carefully to be fully informed. Please be aware of the important dates listed below in relation to applications and the information contained on the Department of Education Selective Schools Website

We look forward to meeting some of you at Orientation day in December 2021. Caringbah High is a wonderful school for students to attend. We wish you success in your application and during the Selective Schools Test in 2021.


Greg Lucas

Deputy Principal

Year 7-9