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Student Wellbeing

The National School Chaplaincy & Student Welfare Worker Program


The National School Chaplaincy & Student Welfare Worker program was developed to assist schools and their communities to support the spiritual wellbeing of students (NSCP Guidelines 2007). The Program at Caringbah High School aims to: 

  • Provide student welfare services;
  • Assist with the development and implementation of pastoral care programs for students;
  • Facilitate support services for students and families, and establish links with external support agencies.


The relevant stakeholders involved in the Program are:

  • Australian Federal Government, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)
  • Caringbah High School Community
  • Caringbah High School Learning Support Team
  • St George Youth Services

Overview of the role of the Student Welfare Worker

  • Work closely with, or as part of, the school wellbeing committee/team to plan and deliver student resilience and wellbeing services
  • Provide students, their families and staff with support and or appropriate referrals, in difficult situations such as during times of grief or when students are facing personal or emotional challenges
  • appropriate consent arrangements are in place for any one-to-one services
  • Develop relationships with, and refer students/parents/carers to specialist services within the school or externally as appropriate (and in accordance with school and education system policy)
  • Organise one-to-one/group sessions with students, parents, staff and other members of the school community as required by the school community
  • Deliver peer leadership and support programmes
  • Participate in school activities such as sport, camps, gardening etc
  • Contribute to school newsletters
  • Report to school community organisations on service provision within the school community
  • Attend parents & citizens' or equivalent parent body meetings to provide details of the programme and the services are available
  • Provide mentoring/coaching
  • Provide support and/or appropriate referral in times of grief and other critical circumstances
  • Facilitate activities connecting students with the wider community (eg. community service placements)

Voluntary Participation & Consent

Participation in the programme is voluntary – for schools and students. An important aspect of voluntary participation is allowing parents and students the opportunity to indicate if they wish to participate in the chaplaincy/student welfare service. Consent forms can be obtained through the Student Social Worker. Our Student Social Worker is employed by St George Youth Services who provide services for young people and their families in St George & Sutherland Shire. This is a non-profit community organisation that provides links with local support services and networks for our school community. Community members wishing to opt-out of service, can do so by informing the Deputy Principal at Caringbah High School

Accessing the Service

Caringbah High School community can access the service by contacting the Deputy Principal or St George Youth Services on 02 9556 1769 For further information on the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program, contact the school.

Phone: 02 9524 3859




This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.